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Ecological Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment is a critical tool in the planning process which provides a mechanism by which environmental impacts of proposed developments are predicted and used to inform decision making. J Taylor Ecology Consulting can support your EIA either by contributing the ecology sections of a screening opinion, or by writing the ecology chapter of the Environmental Statement.

EIA Ecology Scoping

Scoping is one of the initial stages in the EIA process, where by the potential issues associated with the proposed development are identified that need to be addressed within an Environmental Statement. Once identified, the developer can then ask for a scoping opinion from the relevant planning authority with regards to what needs to be included with in the EIA. Alternatively, the developer can produce their own report defining the proposed scope of the study for discussion and subsequent agreement with the Planning Authority.

We have experience of successfully writing the ecological sections of scoping reports, and therefore avoided the cost of undertaking a full EIA on ecology grounds. Please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

EIA Ecology Chapter

J Taylor Ecology Consulting can provide the ecological component of the Environmental Statement. We provide a thorough assessment of possible ecological impacts of the proposed development undertaken in line with guidance from the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. Please contact us for more information.


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