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Great Crested Newts

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Posted on 12th December 2011

Survey Season is Fast Approaching

With the winter now upon us, it is a good time to start thinking about your projects coming up later in the year. The survey window for great crested newts is just the end of March to early June, so if you think that you may be working within 250-500m of any ponds or water bodies it is a good time to consider the need for a great crested newt survey.

Great crested newts receive strict legal protection and any potential to affect them can be a material consideration in any planning application. Although the survey itself has a limited window, it is possible to assess the likelihood that your project could be affected by great crested newts at any time, and if done in the next few months the need for a survey can be identified well before the survey window starts so preparations can be made. Click here for some great pictures and video clips of great crested newts from the BBC or find out more about how they can impact your development by downloading Natural England's Standing Advice Sheet. To find out more about protected species surveys please click here or contact us.

Prices start at £495 for a great crested newt habitat suitability assessment and full surveys cost between £995 and £1495. To find out more about my great crested newt project assessment and survey service please click here or contact us.

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